I stumbled across www.dontclick.it today and just had to share it with you. It’s a website where you don’t have to click anything to use it.

I know that doesn’t sound like much but I had an overwhelming urge to click. I physically had to think what my right hand index finger was up to the whole time I was navigating the site. It’s like not chewing when you’re eating a Fruit Pastille.

Give it a try. Some people hate the whole idea. Others think it’s pretty nifty. Personally I rather enjoyed the mental acrobatics required of pushing myself to adapt behaviour I perform every day of my life. Deliberately not clicking to define a proactive action felt not unlike being asked to breathe through my ears.

Weird sensation isn’t it? I found it a very serene way of navigating – you just flow from one section to another in a care free manner. But that is also it’s weakest element – I found myself nervous that the navigation was somehow not something I was in control of, that I was slipping and sliding around in navigation oil.

But it’s still a set of wonderfully presented ideas about how to challenge your learned behaviours which I think is always worth doing when you can.