What’s the point in having a blog if you can’t occasionally spread the love? So instead of raging against the websites we love to hate I thought I’d start telling you about the websites we just love.

Today: www.moo.com

If you haven’t seen it before Moo is a printing company. Well, it’s more than that really. In their own words: “MOO dreams up new tools that help people turn their virtual content into beautiful print products.”

It exists because other websites opened up their technology and Moo stepped up, in this case, to Flickr, and built a website that can connect you to your Flickr photos and lets you order prints of them as the best business cards ever. Or thank you cards. Or Moving cards. Or congratulations cards. Or just lovely little mementos of your holiday snaps.

Reasons to love Moo:

  • Their customers love them.
  • They love their customers.
  • They have one of the simplest design interfaces around.
  • They’re great value for money. And they deliver nice and fast. And they are beautifully printed and packaged.
  • The cards are smaller than normal business cards and just seem much more valuable. They are tough. They have nice tactile sharp edges. They are glossy and feel nice to hold, and stack, and fan out, and pin up.
  • They encourage their users to show off their cards. They have a dedicated Flickr pool for that very reason.
  • They cracked how to make a boring business card into a purple cow.

Go and open a Flickr account if you don’t have one. Upload some of your favourite photos to it. Then stick £10 aside to order yourself a box of Moo cards. You won’t regret it.

Moo Card front

Moo Card back