We’re soon to be running a Wisdom of Crowds experiment (a big hello if you’ve come here from the invite!). If you need to get your head round this theory that James Surowiecki proposes then I strongly suggest you read his book “Wisdom of Crowds – Why the many are smarter than the few“. It’s really rather brilliant.

Essentially the theory goes “the collective wisdom of the many is smarter than the expert opinion of the few.

The reason we are going to all this bother at all is that we (the so-called experts) cannot agree on something essential to ode. I’m not going to post at this point what the question is we’re trying to answer, suffice to say we think that it’s something we should put to the mob to see if they can do any better.

The good news for those that are coming is that there is a very special prize up for grabs…the very first ode t-shirt.

Gen-oo-ine, unique, one of a kind, first off the press, original ode wear. We think it rocks.

Of course Ed ordered it in skinny so if it doesn’t fit we promise to order you one that does (which means it won’t be unique anymore but on the plus side you will still be one of the cool kids and get invited to all the best parties). Plus there will also be ode cupcakes (seriously!) and smoothies.

ode t-shirt close up frontode t-shirt back