ode is not a VLE.
This is an important point to make. ode will contain no pupil tracking, no integrated assessment, no complex student topographies, no multiple log ins. This is quite deliberate – we have no ambitions to be a VLE type application – we will simply sell the bits of content to use in the VLE you probably already have. And if you don’t? You’ll be able to display your content in the ode player anyway.

ode is not supposed to replace large schemes or embedded whole class solutions.
will satisfy the immediate requirement of a student or perhaps a rapid reaction to a world or local event. That need could be:

  •  A set of interactive science simulations to keep the class busy at the end of a lesson.
  • 10 minutes worth of tough algebraic drill and practice activities for your high achievers.
  • Time lapse videos of butterflies hatching to compliment a one off nature ramble because the sun came out (then went in again).
  • A set of practice exam papers
  • WWI archive footage
  • Interactive maps of your local area
  • Digital posters about global warming for your whiteboard

Whole schemes and curricula naturally think rigidly in days, weeks, terms. ode thinks in minutes and seconds.

ode is not YouTube, Flickr or the TES resource bank.
A) we wish. B) The content on those sites is free (not copyright free, but cost free). ode will provide access to commercial content and user generated content across many different media types – video, audio, powerpoint, flash activities…you just buy the only bits you need and put them back together in any order you like.

ode does not want people to stop loving books.
We love books. We’ll just be selling digital versions. The advantage with a digital version is that you could sell the whole thing, or by chapter or unit, or make it interactive, or plain text for mobile delivery.

Sometimes it feels good not to try to be everything to everyone. Find out what you’re good at and focus on doing that job as best you can.