In every project there is a bit where the productivity line goes sharply upwards, leaving you in no doubt that all cylinders are firing. We’re hitting that point now.

It feels like a very dramatic time for ode. We:

  1. …have our first round investment! Yay! That took a lot of blood, sweat and weekend working but we’re finally primed. I’m sure I’ll blog about the experience of how we did it later on. For now I’m still tip toeing around it in case I wake up like Bobby Ewing and it was all dream.
  2. …are recruiting an excitable private beta group of teachers to help us build this thing (we love you all for the time you’re taking to help us – it’s really appreciated). If you want to contribute (at any level we can find to fit you in) please email us and we’ll give you the details.
  3. ….have begun the great content gathering push. We are sourcing content from the most astonishing places. Everything from market leading literacy and numeracy schemes to small niche content types such as interactive posters for a whiteboard display. And everything in between. I’d tell you who/what they were but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Yet.
  4. …have a new beta logo:

ODE beta logo

Nice, huh? OK, it’s not a stretch design wise but in keeping with our simplicity drive I think it works.

I’ll update more in a couple of weeks.