The content you stream or download from ode will be packaged to be useful across many different media players.

Primarily all content will be SCORM 1.2  or 2004 compliant so you can plug it into your VLE, theoretically it doesn’t matter which one. You will also be able to display content from your ode content library from your laptop to an Interactive whiteboard or across your network.

And then there’s mobile phones, ipods and so on.

Or you can start getting really clever.

Dik, our Senior Content Guru, recently got a Nintendo Wii (none of us are even remotely jealous) and wondered what it would be like to use Educational content with the wonderful Wii remote, which supports Flash 7 in Wii’s Opera browser downloaded through WiFi.

Well wonder no more. When you isolate content and have hardware that can show it (Iphone? PSP? Gameboy DS?) you can really start to have some fun. Just look at her face as she learns with a console! A text book just can’t compete.