This blog has gone up early, well before product or even beta release and for good reason. We’re as interested in discussing technology in Education as we are in building ode. We think the two go hand in hand.

We also want to bring people round to the whole idea of ode and “on demand” personalised teaching, what it might mean for your students and you as an educator.

I was unable to get a chance to speak to anyone on the stand at BETT (not important enough yet I guess! Too intimidated by all the big educational brains swarming around it) but I have been reading up on his thinking and there was an article recently in the Education Guardian Link section (which is new I think) where he says:

“Freedom, space and expectation allowed tiny technology companies to change the world. Now we need that same freedom, space and expectation to transform learning” – Professor Stephen Heppell in the Education Guardian, Jan 9th, 2007 (, and

That’s where we want to be. We want to be that small but disruptive force that powers a new way of educating. People talk about fresh thinking but we aim for fresh action. There is a difference.