Just a quick post to thank everyone who spared some time to talk to me about ode. I deliberately sought each of you out for many reasons – I already knew who you were by reputation or I liked the look of your content or you had been personally recommended as someone to talk to by a colleague.

But all of you got ode, which was very comforting. I don’t think a digital download service for education is that scary or radical and many of you commented that you felt this, as a way of selling your digital content, was a natural progression.

I hope to speak to all of you again when the rush of BETT has calmed down over the next few weeks and we can talk more in depth about our plans. I spoke to loads of folks but I hope you don’t mind me name checking those of you that really stood out below:

Sunflower Learning – fantastic multimedia science resources

Sunflower Learning

Gridclub – Very popular Primary level interactive games and activities


Educationcity – Interactive Online media makers


Boardworks – PowerPoint presentations across the curriculum


Channel 4 – Clip bank video resources

Channel 4

Digital Worlds -Embedding GIS across many subjects

Digital Worlds

Birchfield Interactive – Multimedia resources and Interactive lesson builders


Crick Software – Reading and Writing software for children of all abilities


Daydream Education – Digital Wallcharts and Whiteboard resources


Sensei Media – 3D animation content, packaged for mobile delivery

Sensei media

Brain Pop – Animated movies and interactive content


Rising Stars – Educational book and software publishers

Rising Stars

Sam Learning – The UK’s most popular Online Subscription service for schools (congrats on the BETT award!)SAM Learning

Smart Learning – Educational resources from Foundation to Key Stage 3 (congrats on the BETT award!)

Virtual Image – Using virtual 3d images to improve mathematical skills

Riverdeep – Interactive Educational Software builders

Dyslexia Action – UKs leading provider of dyslexia support

Q & D Multimedia – Multimedia resource creators at Foundation level

Timeline Studio – Timeline software “Capturing time visually”

Moodle – We ♥ Moodle.


If you want to know more get in touch!